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The Ultimate Prostate Cancer Gift List [2024 Edition]

Are you looking for a gift for your loved one battling prostate cancer? You’re in the right place!

Below we review the ultimate prostate cancer gift list for your cancer fighter!

If you’re new here—Hi,  I’m Brianne, a Registered Dietitian specializing in prostate cancer. Once you find the perfect gift, circle back to my blog page to learn more about Prostate Cancer Nutrition.

Prostate Cancer Awareness

A cancer diagnosis affects an entire family, especially the patient. Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among men, affecting numerous families (including mine).

It is ok to be upset and angry. But, there’s new research being done daily and staying positive is one the most important treatments.

Spread awareness of this horrible disease and get tested when you can.

Our Prostate Cancer Gift List is specially designed for patients with prostate cancer.

You might be wondering: Is there a symbol for prostate cancer?

Every cancer is associated with a different ribbon. Prostate cancer is a light blue ribbon. You will see this a lot on the gift list.

white background with picture of light blue ribbon

Show your support by wearing one! You can also find this symbol on many keychains or buttons.

Additionally, to support your loved one, learn about prostate cancer and the different avenues of treatment. Become familiar with the situation and check out different resources. Understanding options can significantly help your loved one.

Be their shoulder to cry on and the person they look to for help making decisions–that can be one of the best gifts of all.

When to Give Gifts for Prostate Cancer

Unfortunately, cancer is a long battle. Your warrior would benefit from support at any time. 

Extra support and gifts are a good idea throughout different occasions.

  • After diagnosis 
  • During cancer treatment
  • Finishing cancer treatment 
  • Before or after surgery 
  • Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (September) 
  • During stressful times

As stated above, this journey will be part of someone moving forward. Reminding them how tough they are throughout the year is encouraging. 

Consider purchasing a prostate cancer gift during these occasions:

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Holiday
  • Just Because

It might feel weird giving prostate cancer themed merchandise during a holiday or special occasion but, you never know when someone needs the extra boost or support. As stated above, a cancer diagnosis becomes a main focus of the patient’s life.

If you are the prostate cancer fighter, purchase for yourself at any time! Give yourself some love and remind yourself that you are tough and you got this!!

More Than Gifts

Giving a gift is more than spending money on someone. The best gift you can give is support.

This is true for those fighting any type of cancer such as lung cancer, skin cancer, or breast cancer.  

Showing your support to someone battling cancer can go a long way. 

That being said, a physical item is something to remind them they are supported, they are strong, and they will be a cancer survivor. This also goes for those you know battling another cancer type.

The Ultimate Prostate Cancer Gift List

Whether your loved one is your friend, husband, son, brother, uncle, cousin, etc. there’s a gift on this list for you! The Prostate Cancer Gift List includes thoughtful gifts with a variety of price ranges.

It’s a bonus that you can shop from the comfort of your home!

Note: the bolded descriptions are links to purchase or browse the items.

Let’s check out some prostate cancer gifts!

#1 Apparel/Clothing

Prostate Cancer themed clothing is a great gift. It’s a statement to the world that your loved one is a fighter.

Below are a few of my favorite T-shirts available on Etsy:

Boxing Gloves with Prostate Cancer Ribbon

grey tshirt with prostate cancer ribbon in the top corner with boxing gloves hanging

Prostate Cancer Ribbon with “Warrior” in the top corner

blue shirts with prostate cancer ribbon in top corner and "warrior" across

Prostate Cancer Ribbon with “Warrior” written across

Also available in “Survivor” and “Fighter!” Plus, many different color options.

“Currently Kicking Cancer’s Ass” T-shirt

blue shirt reading "currently kicking cancer's ass"

This one somewhat falls into the “funny cancer gift” category. This shirt is a proud statement and strangers may even stop to show support.

#2 Candle

Candles never go out of style.

Consider this “Smells Like Kicking Cancer’s Ass” Candle. Your loved one can place the candle wherever they choose, giving themselves a reminder that they are kicking cancer’s butt!

Kicking Cancer’s Ass Soy Candle

candle reading" smells like kicking cancers ass"

#3 Food

Well, Prostate Cancer Nutrition is partially a food blog so we can’t leave food off our Prostate Cancer Gift List.

If you know someone going through treatment, consider making them a homemade meal or dessert. Unsure what foods are ok? Check out my article: Foods to Avoid while Undergoing Radiation for Prostate Cancer & Diet After Prostate Surgery.

Another option is sending a food-themed gift basket, such as nuts or fruit, to their home. I would encourage you to try and send a delicious and healthy option as nutrition plays a role in healing!

Suggestions Include:

Depending on treatment, nuts and dried fruit may not be tolerable. However, these are good foods to enjoy long term.

#4 Prostate Cancer Mug

Everyone loves a mug! A perfect gift for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or any warm beverage drinker. This can be their daily reminder that they are not in the fight alone and they are strong.

For some added love, include their favorite drink with the mug.

Warrior Prostate Cancer Mug

blue ribbon with "warrior" written over it on white mug

#5 Prostate Cancer Notebook

A notebook is helpful for patients to track appointments, take notes at doctors appointments, meal track, or just for everyday writing. This is arguably the most practical gift on the list.

You can’t have too many notebooks, see below for prostate cancer themed notebooks.

Fighter Notebook

grey background, light blue ribbon with word "fighter" written across

Survivor Notebook

blue ribbon with words "survivor" written across, grey background

#6 Kitchen Appliance

Your prostate cancer warrior may make some dietary changes. Nutrition is a key role in preventing prostate cancer recurrence. So, they may choose to start cooking and preparing meals or snacks more.

A new kitchen appliance can help them get started.

Suggestions Include:

#7 Healthy Cookbook

With new appliances and eating habits comes new recipes. Your loved one may want to change their eating routine but is feeling unsure where to start. A cookbook is a perfect starting point for them to discover new healthy foods and recipes.

#8 Donation

Donations in the patient’s name to The American Cancer Society, The Prostate Cancer Foundation, a health care center, or their local or treatment hospital is an excellent way to show someone you are thinking about and rooting for them.

#9 Gift Cards

Gift cards are almost always a good gift. Everyone loves receiving gift cards to their favorite store or restaurant.

A restaurant offering take out or a food store gift card are especially good options when someone is undergoing treatment. This way, they wont have to prepare a meal when they’re feeling unwell.

Additionally, allowing the patient to spend on themselves, which many of us don’t often do, is a great gift option. Encourage them to buy something they’ve wanted or give themselves a spa day and a day of relaxation.

#10 Reusable Water Bottle

Water is essential for a healthy lifestyle and having a water bottle nearby encourages people to drink water. As stated above, after diagnosis many men aim to follow a healthy lifestyle- including diet and exercise. Adequate water intake falls into both of those categories.


#11 Chemo Care Package

Someone doesn’t need to be undergoing chemotherapy to benefit from a chemo care package. This is something you can build yourself or order.

Find a basket and fill it with their favorite things.

What to include:

Premade Care Packages:

#12 Workbooks

Workbooks are a good gift for those that have expressed interest in changing their lifestyle. Many won’t invest in themselves but tracking goals or planning meals is incredibly beneficial for achieving their optimal lifestyle. It helps hold someone accountable.

My Favorite Workbooks:

# 13 Fck Cancer

Because F-Cancer right? I think we’ve all wanted to scream that once or twice, it deserves its own category on the prostate cancer gift list.

The F-Cancer category is for those that are angry but willing to fight. It’s ok to be angry and express that anger.

F-ck Cancer T-shirt

grey shirt reading "FU (sideways blue ribbon looks like ck) Cancer"

Funk Prostate Cancer Notebook

FU (side ways blue ribbon)Prostate Cancer notebook cover

F-Cancer Sticker

#14 Workout Equipment

Like changing eating habits, many people will want to increase physical activity after prostate cancer diagnosis. New workout equipment can be encouraging.

I’d recommend purchasing these things if someone has already expressed interest in exercise.


#15 Prostate Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

Last on the Prostate Cancer Gift List is a prostate cancer themed tattoo.

Ok, this one might seem like too much. For some, it is. It’s not necessary to tattoo yourself to show support.

This is a good option for tattoo lovers or those that want to show how permanent their support is.

But let’s not also forget temporary tattoos! The sign of support is what matters most.

An Extra Step

One the best gifts you can give your loved one is taking care of yourself. 

You matter to them more than a present. Consider using this time in your lives to focus on being healthy. 

Likewise, help them focus on their health. Of course, recovery is the main goal but moving forward consider preparing healthy meals or taking walks together to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Check out my article 5 Reasons you Need an Oncology Nutritionist to see if speaking with a dietitian is best for you!

Conclusion of Prostate Cancer Gifts

So, whether you’re interested in purchasing prostate cancer awareness products, water bottles, or a cancer care package, I hope this list helped you select the perfect gift for your prostate cancer warrior.

Regardless of what gift you choose, I hope it comes from the heart.

I wish you and your loved one the best on this fight!

Be sure to grab my Free Download: The Essential Guide to Grocery Shopping for Prostate Health!

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Prostate Cancer Gift List: Perfect Gifts for your loved one!!
- Candle: they never go out of style. see post for cancer themed funny candle.
Food: Baskets of food, homemade meals, take out, of gift cards are things everyone loves.
Notebook: Perfect for taking notes at appointments of keeping track of appointments.
Prostate cancer T shirt: remind your loved one they are a warrior with a protstate cancer tshirt.
Gift basket: fill a basket with relaxation items to encourage your loved one to take care of themselves. Full list availabe:

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